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Data Center

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Randy Black
“Atrion is a strong member of our team.”

Randy Black — CIO & IT Manager, Norwich Public Utilities

David Weiss
“An outsourced technical expert, Atrion architects, designs and supports our critical infrastructure. ”

David Weiss — CTO, Conning

Alan Silverman
“At Atrion, we are not only afforded the opportunity to get our hands on the latest and greatest technology, it is a requirement, and we are expected to master it.”

Alan Silverman — Technical Director, Atrion

Don Harrington
“The agility of our data center allows Horizon to respond fast to business decisions. Atrion knows their stuff.”

Don Harrington — Vice President, Horizon Solutions

Respond with Balance

Agility has fast become the primary metric of excellence in a first-class Data Center. Virtualization has swiftly become the most significant factor on Data Centers. It greatly reduces the number of servers, space, power and cooling demands and ultimately enables agility.

Gartner defines agility as the ability of an organization to sense environmental change and respond efficiently and effectively. However, no organization will be agile if its infrastructure is not designed for agility. Agility is the right strategic balance between speed and operational efficiency.

Within the Data Center, agility should be measured in terms that make sense to the business, such as the time and cost to deploy new servers, to install new software or to fix a problem. This business approach has led to a host of new decisions you need to make about the utility and value of the Data Center to your company - and what investments need to be made.

Why AtrionMore

With hundreds of certified partners in the U.S., what is it about Atrion that makes all the difference, and will deliver the greatest value to you in planning, implementing, developing and supporting your Data Center?

Fusing It Together

Your Data Center directly houses and services the business applications that can be truly transformational in fusing your company's technology with its core business objectives. But architecting it properly demands the business-first approach that Atrion has mastered.

No Substitute for Wisdom

Been there. Done that. Hundreds of times. With all that data center and infrastructure experience behind us, your projects will be planned and completed expertly and effectively. Knowledge + Experience = Wisdom. Applied to your environment. Our Cisco Data Center Architecture Specialization serves as further proof of our commitment toward excellence.

Mentored Implementation

If desired, you’ll implement; we’ll guide and direct. Empowering our clients through a formal hands-on training approach has proved to be an extremely effective way for IT teams to truly understand how to operate and support the Data Center solutions at hand.

People with Leverage

Your Atrion team is empowered to do whatever it takes to get the job done on your behalf. It's the nature of IT to get thrown a few curve balls now and then. Our people are great enough to foresee them and hit them out of the park.

Strategic IT Leadership

Given the rapid advancements in Data Center and virtualization alone, along with broad interest in additional new technologies, the experience of evaluating and presenting solutions to other members of senior management gives IT leadership the opportunity to enhance the visibility and reputation of IT throughout the organization. We can guide you in justifying them as the business solutions they are.

Bringing Stakeholders Together

Atrion ensures that executive leaders and managers, application owners, end users, and LAN/Server/Security teams invested in the success of the company will understand and fully realize the benefits of the Data Center investment. Data Center and Infrastructure service applications. Applications service the users. Users service the business and its customers.

How We Help More

There are many ways that Atrion will help ensure that your Data Center architectural roadmap and projects are a success and delivers the outcomes you require.

Business-First, Forethought Discovery & Design

Getting the Data Center right requires a business-first and forethought approach to discovery and a well-planned roadmap and design. With the myriad of technology components that make up the Data Center, understanding the connections and impacts that each has to the other is of critical importance. And upfront. Decisions are made differently knowing the entire puzzle from power and cooling requirements, to virtualization, storage, applications, and the facility’s ability to support the design for the business.

Atrion offers a suite of professional service offerings that are critical first steps for any business or organization considering architecting the proper Data Center that services your business applications.

  • Data Center & Network Infrastructure Assessment
  • Data Center & Network Infrastructure Design
  • Virtualization Assessment
  • Consulting Services

Project Leadership

Atrion's Project Leadership services are a vital part of every Data Center project. Including upfront planning of goals and expectations. Managing the implementation process. And measuring the project's success post-launch. Data Center projects, due to the multiple product vendors and contractors involved, present certain language barriers and complexities that most other technology projects don’t face. Mitigating risks to the business are key.

maxtime™ Services

What happens after the Data Center solutions are implemented is actually more critical than the design and implementation itself. Atrion offers our own brand of co-sourced services, maxtime™, that is custom designed to meet your ongoing support requirements.

Learn more about maxtime™ Services

What We Do More

Atrion has exclusive partnership arrangements with top manufacturers in the world around Data Center solutions on behalf of our clients. For most implementations, these select partners are simply the best choice with the most innovative and reliable solutions for running, growing and transforming the Data Center, workplace and business. Bringing together multi-vendor solutions in a cohesive and holistic manner to support the business is paramount.

Atrion’s cohesive, multi-vendor offerings in Data Center include:

  • Unified Computing and Servers
  • Application Networking Services
  • Storage Networking
  • Data Center Management and Automation
  • Data Center Networking
  • SAN and NAS Storage
  • Virtualization Design and Implementation
  • Power and Cooling Solutions